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U.S.-Made Drone Proves Outstanding High Altitude Performance During Endurance Flight

Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are gaining more and more popularity for defense applications, no doubt about it. The good news is that American made UAS are rapidly evolving and getting better capabilities that help them get to the next level faster than expected. Swift Tactical Systems’ flagship product is a great example of that.
Swift Tactical Systems was awarded a $17 million contract by the Bahamas Ministry of National Security, for a drone program 7 photos
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Based in San Clemente, California, Swift Tactical Systems is specialized in unmanned system technologies. Developed with a so-called X-blade technology, the Swift021 VTOL UAS has already demonstrated innovative capabilities.

The objective was to combine the take-off and landing capabilities of a multi-rotor, with the flight efficiency of an airplane. This fully electric UAS can take off and land in any 50'x50' space, and doesn’t require additional launch and recovery systems.

Plus, it’s built to meet military standards for durability and reliability, while also being versatile enough, thanks to the modular design. But what’s even greater about this UAS is its remarkable performance at high-density altitude, which was recently demonstrated.

The thing about unmanned aircraft is that performance typically decreases with altitude, temperature or humidity go up, and it gets even worse when all of these three factors have an impact on the UAS. The team at Swift managed to demonstrate that the UAS is able to take off, transition, perform and then land with no problem, reaching 10,000 feet (3,000 meters) altitude. During recent tests that were conducted at a specialized site in Colorado, Swift021 completed more than two dozen flights, adding up to a total of 40-mile (64 km) endurance flight.

What this means is that even in hot and humid regions, with mountainous terrains and high elevation, this UAS will still perform with precision and accuracy. Plus, it features Silvus radios, that enable video streaming and data transmission to the ground control station, even in this type of challenging environment.

It’s precisely these innovative capabilities that landed the Californian startup with a $17 million contract awarded by the Bahamas Ministry of National Security, earlier in May. The U.S.-built drone will provide support for defense and police operations throughout the island chain.

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