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UPS Isn’t a Ford Fan, Delivers Ford Racing Package with Hate Message

Being a car aficionado brings tons of benefits, among which is the opportunity to re-live the Christmas morning joy whenever you want to. All you have to do is order some parts for your ride and the sheer excitement of the moment they arrive will keep you on your toes. Alas, adult life does manage to ruin the joy from time to time and when your parts package is delivered with a hate message, you know it’s one of those times.
UPS Delivers Ford Racing Package with Hate Message 1 photo
This is exactly what happened to a Redditor, who was expecting a pack from Ford Racing. The box did arrive, as it was delivered by UPS, but it came with a hate message. To be more precise, the Ford Racing performance parts logo was accompanied by a red marker-written “company is a joke” message.

The guy who received the pack was actually handling it for his dad, who is replacing the camshafts on his car. He didn’t specify which Blue Oval model the father runs though.

Moreover, the back of the box was partially open, which determined the man to file a complain. “I know it's just the box, but I'm still filing a complaint just in case something is broken. Also, It's just awkward sending the box back to Ford if I have to return something,” the Redditor said.

The man does have a point and the fact that he has to go through the whole ordeal shows Santa Claus would've probably made a better delivery. Truth be told, a package goes though a lot of hands until it lands in front of one’s door, so perhaps it wasn’t the UPS driver who played with the package.


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