Uber Stuck in Traffic in Miami Gets Doused in Wet Concrete

Acura TSX badly damaged after wet concrete pours on it while stuck in traffic 1 photo
In some parts of the U.S., it’s raining money or even men. In Miami, Florida, it occasionally rains wet concrete on Uber cars – and the experience is anything but pleasant.
It happened the other day, when an Acura TSX working for Uber became stuck in traffic, Local 10 News reports. It had just picked up 2 female passengers, mother and daughter, Julie Crawford and Lexi Gaddy.

At a busy intersection where traffic had stalled, the 3 people in the car heard a loud noise and then felt something crashing onto the vehicle. That something was wet concrete, which was pouring from the 13th floor of a building that’s still listed as an active building site.

As the video over at Local 10 News shows, the damage to the car was considerable: the front passenger side ended up completely covered in concrete, the back window was smashed and concrete poured inside. Gaddy and Crawford were lucky they were seated in the back, but they still emerged covered in the stuff.

“We just heard a huge crash and felt stuff all over us,” Crawford says for the media outlet.

“In the moment, I was freaked out as we were driving because I thought, ‘Is there going to be more coming out at us?’ So I said, ‘Unlock the door. We're going to jump out of the car’,” Gaddy recalls.

That wasn’t necessary after all. The concrete came raining down because a cylinder form that is used to pour concrete collapsed and spilled all its contents in the wrong place, the publication notes, but as of the time of writing not one of the companies involved has said anything about the incident.

Uber, on the other hand, assures Local 10 News that they reached out to all parties involved and are happy no one was hurt. The driver, who refused to be interviewed on the grounds that he was too shocked to go on camera, said he’d worked for Uber for 4 years but never experienced something even remotely similar to this.
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