Truck Versus Race Car Track Battle Outcome Is Impossible to Predict

On a list of crazy ideas we're glad something thought of, this one would rank pretty high. We're used to seeing weird pairs of vehicles show up on the drag strip, but none ever looked more out of place than these two.
Volvo truck vs. race car challenge 10 photos
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Volvo truck vs. race car challengeVolvo truck vs. race car challengeVolvo truck vs. race car challengeVolvo truck vs. race car challengeVolvo truck vs. race car challengeVolvo truck vs. race car challengeVolvo truck vs. race car challengeVolvo truck vs. race car challengeVolvo truck vs. race car challenge
Sure, there was that time when somebody took a Hummer H1 to the track, or a Cold War era Trabant - two cars that put on a much worse performance than the odd one in this case - but based on sheer visual shock and bewilderment, this contest organized by Volvo has to take the crown.

You might have recognized the white truck - after all, we did feature it before on our website. It's the Volvo Iron Truck, the heavy vehicle that beat two FIA land speed records earlier this year. That would explain its flat stance and asphalt-scraping front bumper.

It has the kind of aerodynamic touches you don't usually get to see on goods-haulers, and that's because its whole body is custom made. Apart from the engine block and the operating parts of the i-Shift transmission, that thing has almost nothing in common with a Volvo truck, except for the badge.

Pretty much the same can be said of the Volvo S60 Polestar TC1. The Swedish model isn't exactly dominant in the competition, but it did manage to win this year's World Touring Car Championship Race in Shanghai, China, which took place in September. That means it's no pushover either.

In terms of specs, the two vehicles could not be any more different. The Iron Knight develops 2,400 and 4,425 lb-ft (6,000 Nm), weighing an impressive 4.5 tons (just over 10,000 lbs). The S60 Polestar TC1, on the other hand, can only send 400 hp to the road, together with 346 lb-ft (470 Nm), with a total weight of at least 1.1 tons (approximately 2,400 lbs).

First up is a classic quarter-mile drag race. With both cars being rear-wheel-driven, the Iron Knight has the edge thanks to its tremendous torque and wider tires. On a wet track, the two exchange positions a few times until they reach the end of the 402 meters. The winner? You won't get any spoilers from us.

There's also a second challenge as well, one which involves racing head-to-head around the Mantorp track in Sweden. Iron Knight's extra weight becomes a liability here as it needs to carry it through the corners, so the truck gets a head start. Will it be enough to grant it the win? Answers below.

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