Truck Pushes Toyota Aygo Sideways Along the Road Without Giving a Damn

Truck Pushes Toyota Aygo Sideways Without Giving a Damn 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
You know how sharks are followed everywhere by smaller fish that suction onto them and get a joyride? Well, this car crash is like that only with a truck instead of the shark.
As the cameraman, bless his soul for filming in landscape format, points his phone towards the blue truck, we begin to notice there's something there that shouldn't be. A little Toyota Ago is stuck there, being pushed sideways like an insignificant paperweight. It's like the trucker's give-a-damn is broken and they stopped making parts for it.

Since the Aygo is one of the smallest, least exciting cars sold in Europe, we can only imagine there's an old woman or a teen who just got their permit behind the wheel. Can you imagine their terror, the "oh my god, I'm going to die" that passes through their head?

The truck in question is a tanker. Even though it's carrying a lot of weight, we can't imagine how the driver failed to notice the Aygo. Sure, it's small, but professional wheelmen can spot a worn out bushing or an injector malfunctioning.

Some truckers have a sticker that says "If you can't see me, I can't see you." That's the way reflections work, and the Aygo is probably unnoticeable from the cab. However, it probably wasn't there when the guy left.

There's a good chance that we're actually looking at an act of road rage. Imagine spending all day rowing ten gears, always having to put up with idiots who cut you off. So what do you do when an old lady just won't move? You ram her car and take her on a unique joyride.

Even though the guy filming clearly curses in some sort of Slavic language, probably Polish, the video is from Germany. The people in the Facebook comments section say it happened on the B1 in Dortmund.

If this were Top Gear, somebody would say the car driver got what he/she deserved for buying a Toyota Aygo. While we're not on the same page, we have to agree that a lot of bad things happen to people with this car. They're always banged up and looking sorry for themselves. I remember there was a Peugeot 107 (sister car) that a woman drove off a drawbridge.

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