2015 TOYOTA Aygo X-Wave Tested: The Aygo Is Here to Stay!

2015 Toyota AYGO X-Wave 1 photo
Photo: Toyota
An unwritten rule known by every person with average common sense is saying that in order to stand up from the crowd, you have to be yourself. We took the 2015 Toyota Aygo X-Wave for a spin and found out more about its personality.
Experts call the fight-or-flight response a psychological reaction that occurs in response to a perceived harmful effect or threat to survival. We'll focus on survival because that's what it all comes down to in the automotive industry.

Toyota Aygo's second generation has to perform in a segment where things are way more crowded than ten years ago, when the Japanese city car made its debut. Given this hostile stage, the Aygo had one simple choice to make: stay, evolve and face the music or leave and become a memory.

Toyota went for the first scenario and turned the Aygo into a bold but at the same time funky city car. Although it shares the same platform with PSA's Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108, the Aygo had to stick out. And it does that by showing good dedication to urban driving, especially if you're seated in the front or behind the wheel. Of course, it's not perfect, and there are a few areas that could and should have been better.

For example, the level of comfort for the passengers seated in the back is not that pleasing and the boot capacity will only allow a restricted number of items being taken from A to B. However, the folding canvas roof is without doubt an inspired choice for the Aygo, although some might argue that it's less impressing and fancy than the one used by the Fiat 500c.

To fully feel the fun factor, you'll have to be standing in the driver's seat. Otherwise, you're in for a regular ride, without spices at all. The automated X-shift gearbox is supposed to make life easier and fuel consumption lower in urban traffic but it behaves almost like a CVT.

To fix that, you'll have to always be on top of the situation and work your way through 4.000 rpm but don't expect darting runs, and you can take your mind off fuel efficiency. You can find out more from our review of the 69 HP funky city car, along with our full conclusion on interior, driving feel and more.
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