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Trek's 2023 Sport 5 Carbon Fiber Fitness Machine Aims to Land in Your Garage for Low Bucks
I recently covered a bicycle from Trek, the FX Sport 4, and if you remember that piece, you're aware that it's a fitness bicycle built out of carbon fiber with a mind-boggling price tag of $1,800. This time around, the FX Sport 5 is at the center of attention, an upgraded version of the 4, making it even more impressive.

Trek's 2023 Sport 5 Carbon Fiber Fitness Machine Aims to Land in Your Garage for Low Bucks

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Folks, Trek is a cycle manufacturer that's been in this business since 1975. With this much history, you can bet your bottom dollar that you should pay attention for the next few minutes. Heck, if you turn on your TV to any cycling channel, chances are that you'll see a Trek bike in the next few seconds.

It's this sort of heritage and know-how that has led me to bring to light the 2023 FX Sport 5. It's a carbon fiber fitness machine designed to not only have you working those buns to your liking, but it ends up leaving you with enough cash in your pocket to add countless extras to the frame, eventually transforming it into so much more than just your average two-wheeler. Currently, these buggers are priced at $2,100 (€2,170 at current exchange rates).

But what kind of bicycle are you buying for this sort of cash? Well, that's what this text is all about, and the Sport 5's story begins with that carbon fiber frame I mentioned earlier. It's this backbone that gives the Sport its capabilities and traits, all of which end up classifying this two-wheeler as a fitness bicycle. What's a fitness bicycle, you say? Exactly what it sounds like, a trinket used to have you breathing hard, feeling the burn, and ready to do it again the next day, and the next, and the next, and the... you get the idea.

Now, the previous machine I covered, the FX Sport 4, was equipped with a Shimano Deore drivetrain tuned to 10 speeds. As for the Sport 5, the extra $300 dollars you dish out in comparison to the 4 go to upgrading the drivetrain. In this case, future owners can look forward to a Shimano GRX/SLX system tuned to 11 speeds and rocking an 11-42T range. Brakes are covered by Shimano too, but the rest of the bike, like most other trinkets to come out from under the Trek umbrella, is covered by Bontrager, and in the end, you'd be buying a bike that weighs no more than 22.3 pounds (10.1 kilograms) for a medium size.

Yet, this story seems to be missing something. As an average rider, I want a bicycle that can achieve a tad more than just speed; I also want some versatility. Well, it seems that the Sport 5 does boast the ability to cover a wide range of surfaces because it can use up to 42c tires, but beyond that, Trek added a few mounts on the bike to help you transform the Sport 5 into a bikepacking buddy.

At the front of the bike, the fork showcases not only fender mounts, but the sides seem to boast a set of holes that are perfect for a front rack, allowing you to add cargo bags with ease. The rear triangle doesn't appear to have this ability, but the frame showcases a few water bottle mounts you can designate for other uses. All that should prove indispensable in an urban setting too. Don't forget to bring along a few more bucks. Still, you probably won't need more than $2,500 for a complete machine.

Ultimately, it may be difficult to gauge what the FX Sport 5 offers through a crystal display, so head down to a local dealership and take a test ride. Make sure you have $2,100 in your pocket because you may just be leaving with a new bicycle.

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