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Super73's "American" ZX Team E-Bike Is Forbidden Fruit, Homage to Tom Ritchey's Legacy
Occasionally, humans that have played a pivotal role in any industry receive a tribute for their work and influence. Sometimes, they're in the shape of Hall of Fame commemorations. Other times, the odes take on a very modern shape. In the case of Super73 and the homage they're paying to Tom Ritchey, we're being presented with a machine you can't own, but will most likely end up finding in a museum someday.

Super73's "American" ZX Team E-Bike Is Forbidden Fruit, Homage to Tom Ritchey's Legacy

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Actually, to call the Super73 ZX Team a tribute is a bit of an understatement. In truth, Super73, the famed e-bike manufacturer that's been taking the world by storm, has partnered with Tom Ritchey to create a one-of-a-kind piece of two-wheeling magic that's just as fulfilling to watch as it may be to ride.

Super73 may sound familiar to you as the members at autoevolution have done a great job covering this manufacturer's works. Considering they started hitting the market with iconic e-bikes around 2016, it's been hard to miss their work.

However, most of our readers may be asking themselves about Tom Ritchey. Well, Tom's story is one of those you're only exposed to if you have business with professional cycling. This gentleman has been a staple of the cycling scene ever since he started fixing bicycles in his community at the fragile age of 11. At 14, he was received by the Belmont Bicycle Club and began his career as a racer. From there, his passion snowballed, and Tom soon built entire frames. By 1979, he was responsible for 1,000 personally crafted frames.

It wasn't until 1979 that Ritchey would show the world what his experience had taught him by unveiling an entirely new frame style, an MTB. You'll find an image in the gallery with this machine, and I urge you to compare it to today's modern geometry. Just keep in mind that this was one of the first modern MTBs around, something of an exploratory beast if you will. According to the Marin Museum of Bicycling, from 1980 onwards, Ritchey bikes became the bikes that would ultimately lead to the success of Gary Fischer and Charlie Kelly, other renowned names of MTB.

As for how the ZX Team e-bike came into existence, it may have a lot to do with the fact that Super73 and Tom Ritchey both hail from sunny California. Sadly, this is a machine that Super73 does NOT sell, but that doesn't even matter; it's a beautifully crafted machine that showcases the peak of what the urban electric cycling industry has to offer, all the while sporting colors and components from Tom Ritchey.

The ZX is built using the frame that Super73 has come to be known for, and the same electronics are in place too, but modifications include Ritchey clipless pedals, grips, and a low-rise handlebar. The name Hope is in there somewhere too. However, the most significant change to the ZX is the color.

When I saw this two-wheeler, my first impression was one of a proudly American design, and judging by the history that this EV is meant to represent, that impression is spot on. Sure, these color tones were developed and used by Ritchey Design throughout their market presence, but the way Tom and Super73 chose to color this machine really gives off that American feel.

Honestly, if I saw this bike in a sea of other cycles, I'd bet the manufacturer is from the U.S.A. Gunwall tires and a white perforated leather seat complete the two-wheeler. Oh, there's also a 10X drivetrain on this bugger, but that doesn't matter as you'll never ride this unless, of course, you know the CEO of Super73 or Tom Ritchey himself.

Sure, it bears the whole forbidden fruit label on it, but the Super73 XZ Team e-bike is the sort of machine that's a unique addition to a company's portfolio. Moreso, this one represents a part of cycling history - Tom Ritchey's influence and legacy - that is sure to never die or be forgotten.

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