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Toyota Says Stop Working and Build this Biodiesel Land Cruiser... Out of Paper

Working your arse all day at the office might get boring, but we’re here to offer you a well desired break. Simply tell that customer on the line you’ll call back, hit the save button on whatever you were working on and check this DIY kit right here to build you own biodiesel Toyota Land Cruiser.
Toyota Land Cruiser paper model 1 photo
Toyota subsidiary Toyota Auto Body Co has made a paper version of its biodiesel-powered Land Cruiser you can download, print and build. If you have no idea what’s with the Bio-Cruiser, you need to learn that it known for emitting 60 percent less carbon dioxide than regular diesel Dakar competitors.

Toyota Auto Body entered the real car into the 2014 Dakar rally using biodiesel made our of used cooking oil to show that it cares for nature and people could use other fuels for racing purposes.

The paper Toyota Land Cruiser kit can be downloaded here. All you need then is to print it out, grab some scissors or a sharp razor, cut it out and glue it up. Then don’t forget to show off your crafting skills to Toyota by posting the end result on its social media websites.

Of course, if you feel gifted, you can screw this low detail downloadable kit and come up with you own more complex one, but think of a good excuse for when the boss comes and sees you surrounded by paper cutouts and glue on your hands having forgot to resume what you were doing.


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