Top Gear Live Ferraris Fake?

Sometimes appearances may be deceiving and not everything what viewers see at Top Gear Live Shows is... what it seems to be.

Apparently, the first Australian show of this kind that was presented last week at Acer Arena debuted with a huge lie. It seems that underneath the red “skin” of the three Ferraris doing burnouts during the show, there were hiding three less expensive Toyotas, reported. The replica Ferraris, reportedly based on Toyota MR2 underpinnings, were produced at a much lower price than a real Ferrari 360 Spider.

The audience began to suspect something was wrong when the organizers played very loud music to drown out the sound of the “Ferrari” engines. Organizers were  worried that the sound of four-cylinder MR2 engines – instead of Ferrari V8s - would would be an obvious clue to reveal the mystery, so loud music appeared as the perfect cover. An observant show goer backstage uncovered the secret.

“When they came out on stage I thought something doesn’t look right and something doesn’t sound right,” said the fan, whose identity was kept secret. “Then when I saw them backstage they had the engine covers up and the engines were definitely not Ferrari engines,” he added. The Ferrari 360 Spider has a glass cover on the engine, so the top of the V8 engine is clearly visible.

Even more surprised appeared to be the director of the live show who assumed that the Ferraris used in the stunt were real.

“I got pretty close to them and they certainly looked like the real thing,” he said. “You’ve got me intrigued now. I’ll have to get on to the UK,” he added.

The fact that the Top Gear's team has used fake Ferraris is highly justified by the low costs but still, this is not a reason to lie to the fans about the stunts they perform.
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