Tim Burton’s 1989 Batmobile Gets 3D Printed in Lower Scale

Tim Burton’s 1989 Batmobile Gets 3D Printed in Lower Scale 1 photo
Photo: Hector N Gama on YouTube
We’ve always said the Batmobile that starred in Tim Burton's 1989 Batman movies was one of the best ones in the entire series. Even the new hero car the caped crusader is driving in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice doesn’t quite come to its predecessor's expectations and the fact people still recreate it in all shapes and forms proves just that.
This time around we’re talking about a 30’’ (76 cm) scale model of the famous hero ride carefully created with the use of a 3D printer by artist and industrial designer Hector N Gama. According to 3DPrint, while he was attending Ohio State University, Gama started creating 3D models of several of his favorite cars and vehicles, including a 1982 DeLorean and now this.

Apparently, the plan is he’d create accurately scaled models of these cars, only later to send the digital files off to an industrial manufacturer and have the cars made as large-scale centerpieces for his living room. The Batmobile may seem easy to make, but you should know that the artist sculpted and designed it entirely in 3DS Max using a store-purchased model kit and dozens of pictures.

The bits and pieces

According to the source, the main body is made up of eight large parts that were glued together. The front bumper to the front axle to the rear bumper is two parts; then there is a trunk cover part and the cockpit canopy cover. Further details were added to enhance the resulting scale model, with a total of 34 individual 3D printed parts.

Replicating iconic cars does not come without sacrifice, as Gama invested around 100 hours of 3D printing time into each completed Batmobile, and there are quite a bunch of them. One of the reasons he created more than one Batmobile is that he was planning to sell them, but due to licensing rights he’ll most likely end up releasing the full 3D model online.

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