This Motorcycle Selfie Is Far Beyond Awesome

Motorcycle selfie  using a camera strapped to a boot 3 photos
Extreme jumping selfieGee Atherton
Selfies are a part of our social life regardless of whether we like it or not. However, only a handful of these pictures manage to show something else than the boring daily routine or the shy hopes of attention-seekers. Some of the really interesting selfies are funny, some are scary, while others are downright silly, but every now and then really breathtaking ones make it on the front page of social media, and the one we’re showing you is probably among the most representative.
Action cameras introduced amazing opportunities for awesome shots, in both the video and the photo territories. The multitude of mounts allow strapping a tiny high-definition camera to pretty much any vehicle and in almost any angle, but it looks like the creative possibilities are still far from being entirely explored.

Weird choices can lead to spectacular results

It’s not that rarely when the weirdest mounting choices produce spectacular visual results, especially when performing various stunts. If you remember downhiller Gee Atherton being hunted by a Peregrine Falcon (the real Hayabusa), we all dreamed of strapping a camera to the very bird for what could have been the video of the year. Still, this would have impeded the falcon’s movement and provide him with a handicap in the race.

Well, if tying a GoPro to a bird was a non-solution then, having one mounted to a boot when riding and jumping a motorcycle was definitely doable, so this is exactly what this guy did. The result is a breathtaking photo obtained by setting the camera to continuously shoot photos.

The rider, whose name remains so far unknown, can be seen performing a “Superman” jump, floating through the air above his motorcycles, with no hands or feet touching the two-wheeler. The sight is similar to what the wingsuit daredevils have gotten us used to.

Something tells us that we’re going to see motorcycle stunt photography taken to another level in 2015… and we couldn’t be any happier.
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