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Extreme Bike Stunt - Parachute Jumping from a Ramp into a River

There are so many levels of craziness when it comes to the way one can ride a bike. If we factor in the term “stunt” things are reaching the next level… but watching this video makes us really wonder how many next levels this stunt introduces.
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Now, jumping a bike on a ramp is definitely cool, but adding a stream of water or lake in the game certainly makes everything way crazier. Thing is, why would anyone wreck a bike by letting it drown in the river or lake or whatever. It looks like this feat is part of a larger movie, but I really doubt that it sells so well that it makes destroying bike engines a profitable business model.Why not kill the engine in mid-air?
In fact one of the things which have always puzzled me is the fact that nobody seems to care too much about the drowned engine. Water aspirated into the engine is not exactly a rare thing among off-road riders, but when it is combined with dirt and mud, such a mishap can easily kill an engine, due to hydrolocking.

Plus, the repairs can be quite expensive. Moreover, the higher the speed, the harder the landing, even though we’re talking about water. You can see pieces from the bike’s bodywork in the water and they will also need replacement. Still the engine is the main concern which could save these fellows some decent money.

Things could be improved with a tether tied to the kill switch. The moment when the rider gets, say, 6 feet (2 m) away from the bike, the tether would pull the kill switch or connector and stop the engine, minimizing the quantity of water which might leak into the engine.

Anyway, seeing such crazy stunts, with or without the parachute Antti Pendikainen used this time is only so much cooler than watching the same old guys wheeling down the highway…

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