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This Model Y Owner Liked Tesla’s New Yoke Steering Wheel a Bit Too Much

We get it, the yoke is cool. It makes you think back to the show Knight Rider, because KITT’s steering wheel featured a similar design, like something out of the aeronautics industry. Is it practical though? Most people that have driven the updated Model S aren't all too thrilled about it.
2021 Tesla Model Y with Yoke-like steering wheel 7 photos
2021 Tesla Model Y with Yoke-like steering wheel2022 Tesla Model S interior2022 Tesla Model S interior2022 Tesla Model S interior2022 Tesla Model S interior2022 Tesla Model S interior
You can make the case that as your Model S gets better and better at driving itself, you won’t have to use the steering wheel that much. You can also see the digital gauge cluster better without the top part of the steering wheel getting in the way – this wouldn’t be an issue however on a Model 3 or a Model Y.

If gauge cluster visibility wasn’t a factor, we’re curious if Tesla would have gone with a flat top-no bottom design instead. It would have still been futuristic and cool, but instead of being shaped like a yoke, it would have looked more like a Formula 1 steering wheel.

Oh well, it doesn’t really matter now that we know we’re getting the yoke and that’s final. But at least it’s optional. That being said, one Model Y owner who likes what Tesla is doing with the new Model S, just sawed off the upper part of the steering wheel and made a yoke out of it.

According to the Reddit post, the vehicle in question is a 2021 Model Y and as you can see, there’s more than just the sole modification. The steering wheel is missing its upper half, but at the same time the lower part has been flattened completely. It’s larger than the yoke and not as pretty, but it does look like you can fit your thumbs better in the upper corners.

Whoever did this also installed a tablet behind the indicator and gear selector stalks, which may actually be useful from an ergonomics standpoint.


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