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This MINI Cooper Airplane Will Not Fly, Will Do Its Best to Embarrass Its Owner

The optimism of people selling crap on the Internet will never cease to amaze us. We're still trying to decide whether they think we're all morons, or they just hope they'll get lucky, and some drunk guy will mistakenly push the "bid" button. Either way, it looks like this seller was out of luck since his vehicle failed to sell on Ebay.
Airplane MINI Cooper 6 photos
Airplane shaped MINI CooperAirplane shaped MINI CooperAirplane shaped MINI CooperAirplane shaped MINI CooperAirplane shaped MINI Cooper
He was even arrogant enough not to set a "buy it now" price, which shows he was quite hopeful of how the auction would go. Well, sadly for him, it ended with a total of 0 (zero) bids. But what was he selling? A 2004 MINI Cooper shaped like an airplane. Why there wasn't anybody willing to pay for a 12-year-old MINI with an airplane tail sticking out of its ass is beyond us.

The car was apparently used by Delta Airlines for some sort of promotional action but has since lost its decals and simply became a white MINI Cooper that looks like an inflatable toy torn between being a car and a plane.

At least the owner does show he has a sense of humor by saying in his ad that he has "always wanted to bring it to a private airport and see if they would let me 'test it.'" We wonder why that never happened. Probably because they don't have kids manning the control posts.

The starting bid price of $12,500 proved to be too much for what looks like a baby airplane that has just begun to sprout its wings. But according to the vendor, the car is one hundred percent street legal, even though accounting for those winglets might require some getting used to in urban traffic.

On the other hand, this thing is sure to deter anyone from parking too close to you in a parking lot. However, if they do risk it, you might find yourself unable to get inside the car, so it might be a good idea to leave it in neutral. Otherwise, you might need the services of a tug. On the brighter side, though, you will most definitely never get rear-ended...


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