This Mercedes-Benz A 180 CDI Has 175 hp From an ECU Tune - Updated

Mercedes-Benz A 180 CDI by ShifTech Engineering 4 photos
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Mercedes-Benz A 180 CDI by ShifTec EngineeringMercedes-Benz A 180 CDI by ShifTec EngineeringMercedes-Benz A 180 CDI by ShifTec Engineering
Update: due to comments from our readers, we felt the need to investigate the project further. This is what ShifTech's official website says about the W176 A-Class 180 CDI tuning project: "Same engine as the 200 CDI simply clamped electronically. Be careful for the version 180 CDI manual transmission, it is a 1.5 dCi with calculator SID307, impossible to do now." That means it is indeed a 1.8-liter from the early batch of cars built in 2012. When Mercedes-Benz announced that it will use the 1.5-liter dCi engine from Renault in some its cars built on the MFA (Modular Front-wheel Architecture) platform there were a lot of disagreeing voices heard all over the interwebs, with most automotive media outlets out there frowning at the decision.
Leaving the entire “Mercedes-Benz should use their own engines, not take them from the lowly Renault peeps” aside, the 1.5 dCi family of small diesel engines from Renault isn't all that bad.

Keep in mind that Renault are known for being pretty good at making small diesels, and their 1.5-liter four-cylinder is one of their most reliable powerplants, with no less than one in every three of the brand's cars being sold equipped with a version of the 1.5 dCi work horse.

Its main attributes are obviously not power, but reliability and fuel-sipping capabilities, and we can positively say that it manages to handle both in a very respectable manner.

Still, somebody who buys a Mercedes-Benz A 180 CDI powered by a version of the aforementioned diesel might also want a little more power from time to time as well, as you don't buy a sporty-looking A-Class just to use less fuel, right?

Those are exactly the types of owners who would probably rejoice when hearing that a Belgian chip-tuning company called ShifTech Engineering has worked on an ECU tune that transforms the A 180 CDI into a little hot hatch.

Okay, not exactly a modern hot hatch, as those have become rather bonkers in the performance aspect nowadays, but squeezing 175 hp and 382 Nm (282 lb ft) of torque from a 1.5-liter turbodiesel is pretty out there when you think about it.

Considering that the original engine developed a puny 109 hp and 260 Nm (192 lb ft) of torque, we find the new specs almost terrifying.

Story via ShifTech Engineering
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