This is Why You Don’t Park Next to a Fire Hydrant

BMW 3 Series with Broken Windows 1 photo
Photo: Twitter
An unlucky BMW E92 3 Series driver got to see the full extent of the law last night, when a fire erupted at a house not too far from where he parked his car. So far, the two events seem rather unconnected but wait and see what happened next.
As is the ‘custom’, the fire brigade was called in and upon arriving at the scene, a conundrum emerged when they saw that the nearest fire hydrant was obstructed. By what you ask? By the aforementioned E92 3er, of course.

That’s where the two situations collided and that’s when the problems for our ‘hero’ began. The firemen had no alternative but to break the car’s front windows, in order to gain access to the hydrant and put out the fire.

While, at first, if you don’t live in the US, it might seem like a harsh measure, it’s only what the law allows the firemen to do, in such situations.

The driver got two broken windows while the nearby community got to sigh in relief that the flames didn’t expand to nearby houses or apartments, causing even more damage.

There are a few lessons to be learned from this experience. We all know how frustrating it is to try and find a parking space in crowded cities and Boston is no exception but you really should try your best to abide the law and think of other people too rather than just yourself. This unlucky guy or girl, found out the repercussions of their actions, the hard way. Too bad about the car though...

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