This Has to Be One of the Most Badass Scooter Exhausts Ever

A lot of people buy scooters because they are a cheaper, more economical two-wheeled way of transport. Usually ridden for urban or sub-urban commuting, small-displacement scooters are, in a way, the poor siblings of the motorcycles.
Who said scooters can't have jaw-dropping exhausts? 1 photo
Licensing is also much easier and cheaper, and having all these summed up yields a pleasant outcome if you're below the A or A1 license age, or if you can't or simply won't spend big on a two-wheeler.

Despite some morons believing that they have a right to disconsider scooter riders and boss them around, the scooter world is just as passionate as the motorcycling one. We have scooter racing competitions, mind-blowing, crazy rallies such as the Mad Bastard Rally in Canada, and a strong custom scene, too.

What goes for big bikes is just as suitable for scooters

Speaking about the custom scooter scene, some of you will be surprised to learn how passionate some fellows are when it comes to tuning their rides. From ECU unlocking to aftermarket suspensions and exhausts, pretty much anything that can be met in the motorcycle tuning world has its scooter equivalent.

And sometimes, things get even better, as is the case with this mind-blowing custom, and apparently, handmade 2-stroke exhaust. Frankly, this is one thing we seldom get to see in the motorcycling world.

Most likely this is happening because many of them are 4-stroke machines, and the aftermarket exhaust manufacturer often prefer one-piece stainless steel or titanium tubing for the collectors and link pipes.

Still, this only makes the creator of this amazing exhaust look even better. We are not entirely sure whether the heat radiating from the expansion chamber into the rear tire is the best approach. In certain conditions, it could help the rider get optimal grip quicker, especially on colder days, by heating the tire faster...


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