This Giant Rideable T-Rex Bicycle Could Make You Popular

Giant Rideable T-Rex Bicycle 9 photos
Photo: Craigslist
Giant Rideable T-Rex BicycleGiant Rideable T-Rex BicycleGiant Rideable T-Rex BicycleGiant Rideable T-Rex BicycleGiant Rideable T-Rex BicycleGiant Rideable T-Rex BicycleGiant Rideable T-Rex BicycleGiant Rideable T-Rex Bicycle
As of June 30th, Jurassic World has a total domestic income of over $514 million. It may not be welcomed with the same enthusiasm as Furious 7, but you can tell when a movie turns into a blockbuster. Since that seems to be the case, we figured there will be a lot of thirsty-for-adventure folks out there interested in a special something they could use to show they're the biggest fans.
And what better way to stand out than literally riding a T-Rex on the street? Because yes, that’s what this contraption is. It’s a dinosaur skeleton that “has been reanimated through the mysteries of science and technology.” A huge, but tamed dinosaur you simply ride like any other bicycle, only that it may be a little bit harder to control than the average BMX.

In sizes, the dino-bike is 12 ft long (365 cm) from head to tail, 5.5 ft (167 cm) wide stance and 8.5 ft (259 cm) tall. We are talking about the same sizes of a 12 year old young-adult T-Rex, apparently. The 90 lbs (90 kg) recumbent tricycle is made from Chromoly steel, foam and textured paint and won’t support more than 200 lbs (90 kg).

It may be tall, but this young T-Rex is not that slow as you may think. With a 9-speed wide-range drivetrain, it’s capable of a top speed of about 15 mph (24 km/h) while the cruising speed is about half of that.

A custom-built contraption that was used on different parades, this bicycle is clearly designed for those who wish to stand out. Heck, it even has arms attached to the pedals that the rider can control in combination with the head to create believable performances.

However, there are a couple of setbacks with the odd contraption, such as the fact it requires frequent touch-ups to its paint and foam. It also has some handling quirks because of the geometry tricks and illusions its creator had to pull to make a vehicle that seemed to have the proportions of a real dinosaur.

If you’re willing to drop two grand of this creation, you may want to check further details about it on Craigslist.
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