World’s Largest Dinosaur Weighed as Much as 50 Limousines

World’s Largest Dinosaur Weight as Much as 50 Limousines 1 photo
Ever thought how much of a dinosaur you use in an average year of driving your car? What about how many cars' would the biggest dinosaur weight? Friday, scientists discovered that the latest specimen, recently found in Argentina, is actually the biggest one on Earth. Considering gasoline is made out of fossil fuels, we felt the need to do some math.
A farm worker in Argentina recently discovered the remains of a dinosaur that is reportedly weighing 100 tons, which makes it, according to the scientists, the largest specimen in the world found up to now. Considering a Mercedes S-Class weighs approximately 2 tons, that would be the equivalent  of about 50 limousines. Imagine that!

Not impressed? Well, what if we told you that the biggest dinosaur on earth equals 140,000 liters of gasoline? That, of course, if you’d hypothetically transform all of it into fuel. “How did we get to this crazy math?” you’ll probably wonder. Easy. The density of gasoline ranges from 0.71-0.77 kg/l (719.7 kg/m3; 0.026 lb/in3; 6.073 lb/US gal; 7.29 lb/imp gal).

Let us move forward with our little experiment. If you consider that a V8-powered S 500 model has an average fuel consumption of 9.1 l/100km, than means the biggest dinosaur in the the world would be enough for you to drive about 1.53 million kilometers (more than 950,000 miles).

The only really important question left without an answer is, of course: how much do you enjoy driving your car in one year? If the answer is "not a lot", than consider you're car pushes forward using controlled explosions of a fuel made from a monster the size of Godzilla.
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