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This Fat Fat Bike from Christini Is Just the Thing to Conquer Snowy Paths

Putting away your bike at the onset of the cold season could become a thing of the past if a) you moved to a warmer location or b) you invested in a bike that would allow you to continue riding even in bad weather.
The Fat E-5 Ultra Mid Drive with AWD and 50 miles of range 4 photos
The Fat E-5 Ultra Mid Drive with AWD and 50 miles of rangeThe Fat E-5 Ultra Mid Drive with AWD and 50 miles of rangeThe Fat E-5 Ultra Mid Drive with AWD and 50 miles of range
Christini, a Philadelphia-based maker of bikes, is hoping you’ll choose the latter. Its latest offer is a fat fat bike that’s just perfect for conquering snowy paths or even rougher terrain: the Fat E-5 Ultra Mid Drive.

Fat E-5 is an electric bike, so in addition to those ridiculously fat tires, it also boasts a powerful motor, which will help you navigate snowy and slippery trails with just as much ease as you would a level bike path. The battery on the bike guarantees you 50 miles of range on a single charge, Christini promises, which is enough even for a more enthusiastic biker on a single ride.

Built on an aluminum frame, the Fat E-5 features a 1000W Bafang rear-hub motor powered by a Polly-02 52V, 14ah battery. The tires are 26-inch Vee Tire Snowshoe XL with a 4.8-inch-wide tread, made for perfect traction on challenging terrains.

However, the cherry on top of the Fat E-5 is the versatile all-wheel-drive, which you engage on a switch on the handlebars. When you flip the switch, both wheels get power at the same time, which provides traction and control on slick, snowy or wet surfaces. If the rear wheel slips, the e-assisted pedal strokes are transferred to the front wheel, so the Fat E-5 never stalls and never stops, regardless of the obstacles it encounters. This makes it ideal for both snowy and icy trails, but also for rough trails in dry weather, being able to go over rocks or roots.

That said, the Fat E-5 isn’t cheap. It isn’t exactly the most expensive on the market either, but at $5,995 (plus shipping), it’s above average cost. Whether the promise of being able to ride in all weather is worth this kind of investment is, at the end of the day, up to you.


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