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This $78K Luxury Electric Water Toy Is a Game-Changer, Cuts Through the Waves at 25 MPH

Italian craftsmanship is legendary when it comes to boat manufacturing, as well. Following the automotive electrification trend, the Magonis international shipyard unveiled a luxury electric powerboat last year. The Wave e-550 has now reached an even higher level, as the latest, most powerful motor version demonstrated outstanding performance at sea.
Magonis successfully conducted sea trials of the Wave e-550 powered by a 30 kW motor 8 photos
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Venice wants to electrify all of its boats by 2028, so last year’s Boat Show warmly welcomed the Wave e-550, a perfect combination of sustainability and luxury. However, that was just the entry-level version, boasting a small 10 kW motor. According to the builder, customers were most interested in the most powerful models, so the latest version sporting a 30 kW (around 40 HP) Mag Power motor hit the waves.

During the recent sea trials in Saubaudia, Italy, where the production site is located, the electric boat reached an impressive speed of 22 knots (25 mph/40.7 kph). Tests also showed that on a normal day at sea, cruising from 3 to 22 knots, the Wave e-550 provides more than two hours of continuous fun, with 18% of the battery power still remaining for safety reasons. If cruising at only 3 knots (3.4 mph/5.5. kph), its range increases to ten hours.

This makes Magonis’ electric boat the perfect luxury water toy for superyachts, as it can comfortably cruise at sea in any weather. There’s enough room for six passengers on board, and its electric propulsion ensures a noise-free, pleasant ride.

Unlike other powerboats that simply added electric outboards to become green, this premium vessel was purposely-built for that, based on a thorough study of weight distribution, in order to accommodate the batteries. The Magonis experts used an exclusive technology for vacuum-infused construction, which resulted in a lightweight boat that’s still rugged enough to face harsh sea conditions.

As you know, millionaire’s water toys are far from conventional and worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the Wave e-550 is no exception. The 30 kW Mag Power version is priced at $78,000 (€68,900 at the current exchange rate), while the least powerful model comes at $38,000 (€33,485).

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