This 2012 Lexus LFA Was Driven for Just 72 Miles, Some Would Call That a Waste

Personally, I am all willing to admit there are people out there capable of buying things and never use them, for whatever reason. But I am not forced to understand them now, am I?
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Take the owner of a Lexus dealership somewhere in Illinois who, back in 2012, when the Japanese carmaker was about to wrap up production of the incredible LFA, got his hands on this here example.

Mind you, the two-seat sports car was one of the hottest ones on the market back then, with the production lines stopping as soon as the 500-unit mark was reached, and the price set somewhere at around $400,000.

Now, the said dealership owner didn’t buy the car to use it, it seems, as now, nine years later, the LFA is virtually brand new, showing just 72 miles (116 km) of use. What has it been up to, if not giving its owner great memories on the road? Well, the listing on Bring a Trailer, where the LFA is presently at the center of a bitter bidding process, says it spent “most of the last nine years on display at Arlington Lexus.”

It means that, in effect, the LFA was nothing more than a very expensive billboard, and when it comes to a car such as the LFA, that’s borderline neglect. Or is it some brilliant investment?

Well, consider this. As said, the LFA sold back in its day for around $400,000, and valuation company Hagerty currently estimates a perfect condition one to be worth around $485,000. Care to guess how high the bid on this LFA is at the moment?

Well, with two days left in the process at the time of writing, the highest someone is willing to pay is $700,000.

A great investment, I give you that, but as I said, I’ll never understand people who buy great cars and never or rarely drive them, for whatever reason. But hey, maybe that’s why I am here, writing this, and not out there, the proud owner of a LFA.

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