Third Gen Mustang Does the Best Save & Win Ever at KOTS

Best Save of the year 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube/edited by autoevolution
For some, drag racing might seem pretty simple; just put the car in gear, smash the gas and keep the steering wheel straight. Well, that’s how you do it in a regular car. If you’re racing in something that has well past 500 horses, that’s how you crash.
King Of The Street (KOTS) is an organized event aimed to take illegal street racing to a controlled environment. You get to run on a professional drag strip, but by street rules. This means you put the cash where your mouth is and you don’t get any practice runs.

Which results in the same thrilling unpredictable fun you get on the streets but you’re not endangering others than you. And here you can also find some of the sickest machines ever, including some that definitely shouldn’t race elsewhere than a drag strip.

The third and fourth generation Ford Mustangs you’ll see here definitely belong to that category and even if they are racing in a controlled environment, you can see they’re still very unpredictable.

Most drag strips have a thin layer of rubber deposited on the asphalt from all those beefy tires rolling there all day long. Of course, the layer’s depth and distribution varies a lot, with the thickest and most uniform one being laid out just at the start.

From there and onwards there might be only two narrow strips until the finish line. And if you’re not careful with the throttle and steering, your wheels won’t roll on those grippy strips, making you loose control pretty quick and hit the wall.

Which was not the case with the silver third gen Mustang driver here, who at first lost control, but by a miracle managed to swing from side to side without touching the barriers and actually won the race. For us, this is the best save up so far this year.

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