Turkish Enthusiast Builds a Truck Out of Scrap Parts

Hand built truck 1 photo
Photo: Araba-Oto
When you have a dream, nothing can stop you from building it; not even money. And that is the case of this Turkish motorist here that built his own truck for about 3 grand.
Ismail Mescioglu is a 30-year-old bus driver from Turkey and he always wanted to drive his own truck. He could have easily go work for a big transport company, but he wanted to be close to his family at the same time.

And since a brand new truck and trailer can easily go past €80,000 ($107,550), Ismail decided to build one for about €2,230 ($3,000). For that amount of money you’re expecting to get a pile of crap that sorta looks like a truck.

But, that’s not the case with Ismail here. Despite using only scrap parts to build the project, his truck really resembles a classic American 18-wheeler. The only thing wrong with it is it’s size, which barely gets past a large van.

But other than that, it sounds like a truck, it has a usable trailer, a full cabin interior with upholstered seats and dashboard, windows that open, lights, a truck horn and it’s even considered road legal.

Ismail said that besides his determination to own a truck, his other source of motivation was the Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Edogan’s courage. The leader inspired him so much that he now wants to put the man’s initials on his truck’s license plate.

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