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The URB-E Is the Caterpillar of e-Bikes
They say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, unless of course you’re a work-horse. That’s exactly the case with this URB-E thingamajig.

The URB-E Is the Caterpillar of e-Bikes

When I first saw the URB-E, the only thing I could think about was, “Where’s the rest of it?” Really now. Just look at it for a sec and analyze it. It looks like an extra bit to something. Maybe even the remains of a robot from some far away age. Nope. This is an electric utility and mobility device, and one that is truly fitting in a Sci-fi robot world.

This thing is a beast on so many levels. Just no so much a charmer. I mean really. You would only buy one of these if you knew how amazing they are. I’m not saying that this is the epitome of human ingenuity and design, but she can definitely play the game.

The frame is designed as such exactly for the reason that she is more of a utility vehicle rather than an e-bike. But that shouldn’t stop some steampunk enthusiast from grabbing one up. And for just under two-grand, the URB-E Pro can be yours. There is a meaner stronger brother to the Pro, dubbed the GT, but the only differences are a GPS tracking system and some extra carbon fiber work.

One of the outstanding features of the URB-E is its charge time. Unlike any other machines with similar capabilities, the URB-E sports an amazing 20-minute charge. However, no mention of the distance it can achieve on a single charge. And frankly it doesn’t even matter. In twenty minutes, I don’t even have time to eat my lunch, so no worries about getting back to the office. I nearly forgot, it just charges with your standard outlet and plug.

The URB-E even has USB ports aas well nd can act as a mobile charging station if you really need it to.

What truly sets this work-horse apart form other e-utility vehicles is that she has an amazing ability to carry loads over ten times her weight. But I feel this was the plan all along, as the URB-E team also manufacture a trailer for her.

The trailer is specially designed on the same principles as the URBE-E, to be durable, to offer a large carrying capacity, and most importantly, to occupy as little space as possible. When fully assembled, the trailer covers 16 cubic feet of space and will resist up to 300 pounds (136Kg) of load. The walls for the trailer are somehow extra, and only to be used as needed. Otherwise, the trailer is really a platform.

With such versatility, it’s no wonder that even UPS has signed contracts in order for the URB-E to be used within its warehouses.

Other companies and services have also seen the wonders the URB-E can perform and have begun to utilize it in their services, be they distribution services, emergency response teams, or even humanitarian efforts.

She tops out at 18 MPH (28 Kph) while weighing in at only 35 pounds (15 Kg). But how does something like this pull 300 lbs and a rider after it? Honestly, we don’t know, nor will we ever. URB-E is under 18 active patents and another 32 pending.


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