The "Tire Extinguishers" Arrived in the U.S., They're After Gas Guzzler SUVs

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Do you drive an SUV? Then you might become a target for the environmental activists that are after your tires. The movement had just begun in the U.S. after having a successful start in the UK. Here’s what they do and, more importantly, why.
It took a little more than a month for this movement to spread to the U.S. At the beginning of May, we were telling you that a social media stunt turned people into activists. Their goal was simple – deflate SUV tires everywhere it’s possible. After letting the air out, they would add a pamphlet explaining the situation. The owner would have to deal with the deflated tires in the morning.

The first action in the U.S. happened in New York City last night. The “tire extinguishers” confirmed via their official platform that 40 SUVs have been “hit.”

“The Tyre Extinguishers have disarmed SUVs in New York City for the first time, with 40 SUVs disarmed last night. Using leaflets in American English (‘Tire’ rather than ‘Tyre’), 40 SUVs had their wheels deflated in the Upper East Side, home to the greatest concentration of individual wealth in NYC,” explain the people that are part of the movement.

Activists spare no one. If you drive an SUV, then you’re a target. It doesn’t matter if you’re a person that prefers this kind of vehicle or if you have a large family and need more space to haul people and stuff around.
Fortunately, the movement doesn’t urge people to cut tires or their valve stems – for now.

Activists are trying to sound the alarm about global warming and clean air in urban areas. They claim the time has come for people to find alternative transport methods, use the public transit system, bike, or simply choose a smaller car that does come with a replacement for displacement.

They also say that SUVs are unnecessary, dangerous, a climate disaster, and cause air pollution.

The final goal of the Tire Extinguishers in the U.S. is to see SUVs banned from entering any urban areas.

While internal combustion engine cars are undoubtedly contributing to the world’s pollution because of the harmful exhaust gases they produce, it’s also important to understand that fighting climate change should be a global effort – that is, of course, if we all actually want to improve something. The multiple crises we witnessed in the last three years have led to an increase in coal consumption. What’s worse is that big countries like China and India are using the largest amounts. This translates into more CO2 in the atmosphere and more instability for weather everywhere.

If you just found out about the Tire Extinguishers and you don’t feel targeted, then forward this article to someone that drives an SUV or a pickup truck. People might thank you later for spreading the word.

Next time you leave home, don't forget to add a tire inflator in your trunk.
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