We Were Formally Warned About Global Warming in 1965

We were warned about global warming over 55 years ago 6 photos
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We were warned about global warmingWe were warned about global warmingWe were warned about global warmingWe were warned about global warmingWe were warned about global warming
Hurrying the switch to all electric cars, changing the quantity of ethanol in our current fuels, finding new ways of powering our vehicles and the debates around how much fossil fuels we will consume in the next years are the new normal. This is what we talk about. This is what the car industry must deal with. Truth be told, we got used to it at this point.
The thing is… High-ranking politicians knew about what was coming for us.

When we elect different kind of people into public office, we expect them to do a decent job. That means they should care about stuff that impacts all of us. They need to plan in advance of what`s to come. Somehow, this little thing called global warming didn`t really came up as a priority on the public agenda. Even though scientists and even some big companies like Shell had analysis that pointed out the harsh truth, global warming didn`t become a thing until recently.

In the academic world there were concerned voices about the temperature of the planet and the effects of it raising. The first formal warning that we found out about was given to U.S. president Lyndon B. Johnson in 1965.

Scientists were confidents enough in their findings to sound the alarm over this issue.

Moreover, in 1975, Exxon`s scientists estimated a rise in global temperature that was clearly going to be man-made and not at all natural. The grim predictions were ignored. After another 11 years, global warming was already making the front page of newspapers.

With all of this happening for over half a century, we still have kept pumping CO2 into the atmosphere. And the rate of this whole thing is just accelerating. The world economy still depends on fossil fuels as a primary source of energy. For a couple of years at least, we should expect having rising yearly temperatures as the new normal. Development won`t stop just for the sake of the planet, right?
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