The New Bugatti Chiron Has Something It Needs to SHOUT at You

Bugatti Chiron 1 photo
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The Chiron, Bugatti's new hypercar, didn't make as big waves as its predecessor did when it was first introduced. But it couldn't have possibly matched the hype. By now, we all knew the recipe, we had gotten used to its design and the overall ridiculousness (in a good way) of it.
That isn't to say spotting one of these beasts isn't going to be an event, now more than ever since it's still a very rare car. Not that that's ever going to change with only 500 units scheduled for production worldwide. On the other hand, Bugatti did milk the Veyron in the later stages of its life with one special edition after the other (the "Final Edition," the "More Final Edition," and so on).

The original Veyron made the headlines due to its round numbers: 1,001 hp and one million euros price tag ($1.1 million). The Chiron follows the recipe, but ups the ante even further with 1,500 hp and a whopping $2.4 million asking price. In all honesty, it all went bananas after Veyron had shown it was OK to ask over one million dollars for a car, so Chiron's price, even though more than double, isn't nearly as shocking as Veyron's was back in 2005.

Still in its early stages, the Chiron keeps showing up in the back of trucks that are barely its width, with people carefully unloading it as if it were made of glass. Which it clearly isn't, because that engine and violent exhaust note we get to hear in this clip would have instantly shattered it if that were the case. The Chiron is brutal in a way that the Veyron never really achieved. And this newly found thuggishness falls perfectly in line with the more aggressive design lines of its body. It was hard not to like the Veyron, but not because it looked that great. The new Bugatti hypercar is more of a complete package, and that wild-sounding engine-exhaust combination is a welcome addition. We can't wait to hear it at full blow. That blue interior, on the other hand...

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