The Mysterious Android Auto “Error 7” And How to Fix It Once and for All

As pretty much everyone in the Android Auto world knows already, the app experience is far from flawless, and glitches show up totally out of the blue for absolutely no clear reason.
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In some cases, all it takes is a small change on the device to cause Android Auto to go crazy, while for others, an update released by Google breaks down everything to the point where nobody knows how to fix it.

In addition to the typical problems encountered on Android Auto and causing Google Assistant, phone calls, notifications, messages, and other features to malfunction, there are several mysterious error codes showing up on the screen and telling absolutely nothing to the user.

Needless to say, these are the most difficult to diagnose and resolve, especially because the amount of information displayed on the head unit is very limited. In this case, a search on Google helps deal with the whole thing, though the workarounds too are very scarce.

Communication Error 7

Communication error 7 is one of the messages showing up on the head unit that reveals nothing about what’s going on. Of course, a less tech-savvy user who sees “error 7” on the screen has absolutely no idea what to do about it, especially because the message doesn’t include a link or anything like that for additional resources on it.

Basically, error 7 shows up on Android Auto because the application failed to establish secure communications with the head unit. It’s typically displayed right after the phone is connected to the head unit and not while using the app.

In other words, you could encounter this error when getting behind the wheel and plugging in your smartphone, so the connection cannot be initialized because of the reason mentioned above.

How to fix error 7 on Android Auto

As said, the error message showing up on the screen includes absolutely no details about what’s causing the problem, but according to Google itself, there are two ways to get Android Auto up and running again.

First and foremost, you need to make sure you are running the latest version of the Google Play services. To do this on your Android device, you can either open the Google Play Store and search for “Google Play services” or open the Settings screen and follow this path:

Settings > Apps > Google Play services > App details in store > Update

If the most recent version of the Google Play services is installed on your device, the next step is to try a different cable. As weird as it may sound, error 7 could be caused by a bad cable; it goes without saying it’s uncanny, to say the least, that a perfectly working cord will start experiencing this issue.

We’ve already published a guide on how to choose the best cable for Android Auto, so make sure you pick a high-quality cord to get rid of error 7. As a general recommendation, official cables from the likes of Samsung and Google are the ones with the lowest likelihood of issues. For example, the cable that shipped with the Google Pixel 2 is said to be just the right choice, helping fix connectivity issues even on the newly released Pixel 5.

If these two workarounds don’t do the trick, Google tells users to reach out to the company because there’s a chance there’s something wrong with Android Auto, in which case a dedicated bug-fixing update might be required. You can do this from the help and feedback section available right within the app on your Android device.
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