The Mapua Tiny Combines RV-Style Functionality With Homely Comfort

The Mapua features two large storage cupboards at the rear 12 photos
Photo: Arohanui Tiny Homes
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Downsizing and outdoor adventures are a match made in heaven. Thanks to tiny homes, there's no need to choose between the comfort of your own home and the freedom of a recreational vehicle. With a home on wheels like the ultra-functional Mapua, you can enjoy both at the same time and take your outdoor game to the next level.
Kiwi tiny house builders know everything about rugged, durable dwellings that are equipped to maximize the outdoor experience. Mapua is one of the most practical designs created by Arohanui Tiny Homes, loaded with unusual features that turn it into an excellent adventure companion.

It's compact and minimalistic, so don't expect lavish bedrooms or sophisticated décor. What you can expect from this 34-square meter (366 square feet) is maximum functionality and smart use of space with an eye toward outdoor fun.

For starters, the Mapua features two separate entries: the main glass doors and a smaller side door that leads straight into the utility room. The glass doors ensure the typical indoor/outdoor connection of most Kiwi tiny homes, creating a sense of uninterrupted flow from the inside to the outside. The second door helps to instantly create a smoother flow inside and outside the home. Plus, it's great to have during bad weather in order to keep the lounge clean and head straight into the utility room.

The Mapua
Photo: Arohanui Tiny Homes
The Mapua also steps things up in terms of accommodation. The loft bedroom could be enough for a house in this size category, but this Kiwi Tiny also added a convertible sofa so that the lounge can become a second sleeping area by night. These types of sofas are life-savers in small spaces. During the day, Mapua's sofa is at the center of a welcoming seating area and also provides ample hidden storage. At night, it ensures accommodation for one or two people – all of this while using minimum floor space.

Placement is also important. This multi-functional sofa is surrounded by large windows for awesome panoramic views. The L-shaped kitchen is surprisingly modern in contrast to the Scandinavian-style Nordic Pine paneling throughout. It's a contemporary mix of rustic and modern styles that matches Mapua's elegant blend of homely comfort on one hand and premium functionality on the other hand.

Having an L-shaped countertop means more room for preparing meals, more storage underneath, and the option to use it as a breakfast bar as well. A full-size fridge/freezer, an electric cooktop, and an oven are the main appliances integrated neatly into this modern kitchen. Together with the RV-style lounge design, this entire open-space area is reminiscent of classic RVs with the added comfort of a traditional home.

The Mapua
Photo: Arohanui Tiny Homes
To save even more space, a simple ladder is provided for accessing the loft bedroom instead of a staircase. The loft itself is simple but luminous, and it comes with extra room for storage. The bathroom is also equipped only with the basics, which include a composting toilet instead of a conventional one. This is part of Mapua's self-contained setup (along with tanks for freshwater and wastewater) and is the first step toward a full off-grid setup with solar panels, which is optional.

This clever Kiwi home adds even more functionality on the outside. At the rear section, you'll find two large storage compartments specifically added for outdoor gear and equipment. Their size and easy accessibility are perfect for keeping the owner's tools, sports equipment, and outdoor gear stored in optimal conditions. It's a solution that helps keep the interior clutter-free without making it hard for the owner to access these tools on a regular basis (as loft storage might).

Lastly, one of the Mapua tiny's biggest surprises is the exterior deck. You wouldn't expect this compact, rugged home to come with a deck, but it's not the traditional version. In the builder's words, it's a "ready-to-go deck," meaning that it can be folded up and folded down with minimum effort.

The Mapua
Photo: Arohanui Tiny Homes
Whenever the owners want to expand their living area and spend more time outside cooking BBQs, all they have to do is fold down this compact deck (3.5 x 2.3 meters/11.4 x 7.5 feet). When they're gone for longer periods of time from home, they can simply fold up the deck, which also helps keep the home and their belongings safer in their absence.

Built on a ten-meter-long (32.8 feet) platform, the Mapua comes on a triple-axle trailer with German brakes and stays under six tons to comply with New Zealand's regulations for tiny homes. A heat pump and a continuous-flow hot water system come as standard features, while the high-quality double-glazed windows also contribute to a comfortable ambiance inside year-round.

All of these functional features make the Mapua Tiny a great alternative for outdoors enthusiasts who don't want to sacrifice traditional comfort. With its generous accommodation capabilities and clever storage, this model would also be ideal as a modern rustic vacation rental.
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