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The Latest Android Auto Includes a New Feature You’ll Love and a Bug You’ll Hate

The most recent update for Android Auto finally introduces an option that users have been drooling after for years: support for muting notifications while driving.
The new option in Android Auto 7 photos
Android Auto 5.0Android Auto 5.0Android Auto 5.0Android Auto 5.0Android Auto 5.0Android Auto 5.0
The version that does the magic is Android Auto 5.0.500224, and it includes a new toggle in the settings screen (on your Android phone) which disables sound from notifications.

In case you’re wondering why this is such a big deal, only those using Android Auto on a daily basis know how annoying notifications can become at certain times.

The way notifications are implemented in Android Auto means that every time they show up on the screen, the volume of the music and everything else running on your car’s HUD is automatically lowered. This isn’t only annoying, especially if you receive several notifications in a row, but also distracting, as you could end up looking at the screen to read the notification.

Without any sound from notification, the distraction is greatly reduced and the music playback continues uninterrupted.

But of course, as with everything in the Android Auto world, further polishing is required because this feature doesn’t seem to be working as expected.

So if you enable the “no sound from notifications” toggle in Android Auto, the notifications would indeed come without any sound, but instead they would just stay on the screen indefinitely. This is a widespread problem that many users already confirmed, so you’d better not turn on this highly-anticipated option for now.

The good thing is that Google appears to be a lot more committed to bringing useful features to Android Auto. The release of the major overhaul last summer apparently served as a turning point for Google, with the company now putting a lot more effort into improving Android Auto with every release.

Now fingers crossed for a new update without any bugs.


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