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The Internet Has Figured Out How to Fix the Android Auto Bug Google Can’t Resolve

The experience with Android Auto depends on a lot of factors, and this is why many people go for a magic combination that, at least in theory, can’t fail.
Android Auto can feel at home on a Pixel 6 with a USB adapter 6 photos
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They pick a Pixel to power Android Auto, pretty much because it’s a Google phone running a Google app. This can’t go wrong.

And yet, those who bought the brand-new Google Pixel 6 figured out the hard way that not even a Google phone can run Android Auto flawlessly. And in some cases, it actually can’t run it at all.

There are hundreds of posts on Google’s forums indicating that Android Auto either disconnects at random times or just fails to even launch when a Google Pixel 6 is used to power the experience behind the wheel.

Google has already confirmed it’s looking into all these reports, so right now, users struggling with the whole thing have no other option than to wait for an update.

In the meantime, the Internet came to the rescue, and someone online has discovered a solution that more and more people try out to confirm it indeed does the magic.

The whole thing comes down to buying an adapter that would be used to connect the phone to the head unit in the car. No matter what cable you use that is, as it looks like even high-speed and high-quality cords fail to get Android Auto running properly with a Pixel 6.

Many people discovered that using a USB adapter (lots of affected users claim this one brought things back to normal, but others could fix the problem as well) prevents Android Auto from disconnecting even during longer trips. And in case Android Auto fails to launch, it now loads just fine.

As far as Google is concerned, a full fix is still in the works, but nobody knows for sure when it’s supposed to land. If anything, one such adapter doesn’t cost more than $10, so you’re not losing a fortune if it fails to make a difference.


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