Tesla’s Supercharger Network Reaches Almost 400 Charging Stations

Tesla Supercharger Station 1 photo
Photo: Tesla
Tesla Motors has a cure for range anxiety in case the Model S is not successful in putting owners’ minds at ease. They call it Supercharger and the network is about to hit the 400 charging units mark.
Tesla’s strategy regarding Supercharger sites consisted of initially gaining a foothold in California, around the company’s factory in Fremont. After that, Supercharger sites started spreading like chicken pox - you know, in a good way - in the United States and later on around the world.

Tesla fans and owners already know that using Supercharger network implies no fees and that each site has at least six charging connectors that can offer, in theory, 170 miles (274km) of added range for a charging time of 30 minutes.

As things stand right now, Tesla has 397 Supercharger stations worldwide, comprising more than 2,150 individual chargers. In addition, Tesla managed to open 39 Supercharger sites from January 2014 to April 2014 (with 104 charging points in total), while the May-August interval of the same year saw an increase by 20 sites (adding another 122 charging cables to the tally).

The pace was kept constant and the last third of 2014 (the September-December interval) brought another 37 sites and 264 charging stations in Tesla Motors’ bag. Canada also received 12 Supercharger sites with 62 individual charging cables while other Supercharger locations are up and running in Germany, France, China, Japan and Australia.

For updated info on Tesla’s Supercharger network in the United States and outside the borders, a bunch of Tesla enthusiasts from around the globe created an interactive map with location tips and other useful information.

According to that data, there are 397 up and running Supercharger stations worldwide (173 in the USA) while 19 such locations are under construction and 14 are still awaiting permits. Slowly but steady, Tesla's promise of developing a huge Supercharger network is starting to become a reality.
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