Tesla's Decision to Cut Unlimited Supercharger Access Is Pushed Back Two Weeks

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One of the perks that Tesla used to gain a quick following was to offer its customers free unlimited access to its Supercharger network. Nevermind the cars had a pretty steep acquisition price (which obviously included the charging cost for more years than anyone could drive that vehicle), all people could hear was "no-cost mobility."
Over time, Elon Musk made a few clarifications saying the Superchargers are meant only as a means of offering EV users the possibility of making long-distance journeys, and not forget about paying for electricity, but knowing you could charge your car even if you had forgotten your wallet at home sounded peachy.

Last November, Tesla announced that all new Tesla buyers were going to lose this privilege, arguing that the future arrival of the Model 3 would cause havoc at these charging stations, considering the number of Tesla vehicles on the road should double in less than two years.

The statement said that those who buy their cars after December 31, 2016 would have to use the new credit system to gain access to the Supercharger network. Everyone would get free 400 kWh each year, which Tesla believes is enough for a holiday or two, but once that quote has been used, it's pay time.

Tesla still has some answers to give - like what will be the cost per kWh or whether the old cars will still be able to charge freely if they switch owners - but the main point had been made. No more unlimited free charging for everyone.

Now, the company says it will extend the grace period for two more weeks, until January 15. Tesla did not explain its decision, but given it's a positive one for the customers, nobody really cared. It also didn't mention whether the other requirement - taking delivery before April 1st - still stands, or that was pushed back by two weeks as well.

One thing is certain: Tesla is making important changes in the way it relatet to its customers, and it's the kind of modifications that signal its switch from a relatively small manufacturer, to a full-blown carmaker. Some might not like it, but it's the only way forward.
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