Tesla P85D Finally Finds Its Match in Insane Mode Thanks to a ProCharged Corvette

Tesla Model S P85D vs Chevrolet Corvette 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
By now, since Tesla rolled out the Insane Mode upgrade for its Model S EVs, we’ve seen tons of cars getting destroyed in drag races, from i8s even to Hellcats. The electric sedan is more than a menace on the track due to a couple of crucial factors, but we’ll get into that a bit later.
The thing is, there have been many attempts at making it cringe on the 1/4 mile or 1/8-mile runs, but most cars failed at it. You’d need a Ferrari FF to do that and those don’t come to the drag strip too often. But how about a heavily modified muscle car?

Well, what we’re about to show is proof that the P85D isn’t the unbeatable monster it seems to be. Sure, it has all-wheel drive, a 691 HP powertrain and an acceleration time to 100 km/h (62 mph) of 3.3 seconds thanks to its bone crushing torque figure of 931 Nm (687 lb-ft) available from 0 RPM.

That makes it a menace, indeed but the car it’s going up against has no reason to be afraid. That’s because, by the look of things, it was heavily modified to deal with such situations.

It’s an older C6 Corvette that was seemingly supercharged into oblivion and fitted with some nice drag wheels and slicks for the perfect amount of grip. According to the video uploader, the car was putting down in excess of 700 HP and we believe him considering that it posted a 1/8 mile run of 6.09 seconds with a trap speed of 104.39 mph (168 km/h). Even so, it was all in the handling of the car as we've seen 700+ HP cars being torn to pieces by the EV in the past.

This not only shows that the Tesla can be dealt with but also what kind of car you need in order to do so. Taking all that into account, what do you think the P90D model with its Ludicrous mode will bring to the table?

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