Tesla Model S Owners Post Open Letter to Elon Musk in Local Newspaper

Let’s say you just bought the car of your dreams, but after putting some miles on the clock you discover it has some flaws here and there. You’d like to tell the automaker what’s wrong with the car, but you know those emails sent to an address like “[email protected]” will probably remain unnoticed. What’s there to be done then?
Open letter to Elon Musk 1 photo
Well, if you’re creative enough, you can deliver the message right to the company’s boss, like these two Tesla Model S owners just did through print media.

Yeah, it sounds pretty crazy that people still read newspapers in the era of online news. But even Elon Musk does it. Otherwise he couldn’t have found the open letter addressed to him by the two Model S owner thanking him for the great car and also suggesting some new features.

The one-page ad in Palo Alto Daily asks Elon to add a few things to the Model S, including blind spot and cross-traffic monitoring, low object sensors, voice activated dialing options as well as a closer cup holder and an auto-closing charging cap.

Best part of the story is that Tesla’s boss said many of these suggestions will be implemented soon as you can see in his answer on Twitter.


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