Tesla Model 3 Highland Deliveries To Start Soon, Stores Already Accepting Reservations

Tesla Model 3 'Project Highland" spotted in traffic 15 photos
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Tesla Model 3 'Project Highland" spotted in trafficTesla Model 3 'Project Highland" spotted in trafficTesla Model 3 'Project Highland" spotted in trafficTesla Model 3 'Project Highland" spotted in trafficGiga ShanghaiTesla Model 3 door panels old (up) vs new (down)Tesla Model 3 Highland door panelsNo stalks on this Highland prototypeNew headrestVentilated seats in the refreshed Tesla Model 3Project Highland prototypeThe first sighting of a Project Highland prototypeRear view of a Project Highland prototypeTesla Model 3 dashboard panel old vs new
Tesla is readying the revamped Model 3 for the first customer deliveries as rumors from China intensify. Production appears to be already underway at Giga Shanghai. New reports from local media claim deliveries start in two weeks, while some stores are already accepting reservations for the new model.
Rumors about the refreshed Tesla Model 3, also known as Project Highland, have intensified in the past two months. Not only that but more prototypes were spotted on the streets, including in China. Although the production of the revamped model is expected to first debut at Giga Shanghai, we've seen very few pictures and videos of Model 3 prototypes. This could have been the result of a more secretive Chinese society, although this theory was proven wrong. In the past few days, several Project Highland prototypes were spotted testing on public roads in China.

The time they drop the camouflage is approaching fast, as several sources in China have already confirmed that the first deliveries will happen in September. Fresh information shows this will happen sooner than expected, in the first days of the month. This is only two weeks away, so we'll closely watch China and local news.

Not only that, but Chinese media claims that some stores have already started accepting reservations for the revamped model. According to China Securities Journal, the customers can reserve a Model 3 for 1,000 yuan (about $137) and decide whether to take delivery now of a pre-facelift model or wait up to 60 days for the refreshed model.

If they choose the current model, they benefit from the current 8,000 yuan ($1,096) insurance subsidy and a friend recommendation gift of 3,500 yuan. The refreshed Model 3 will not have the insurance subsidy, but customers can still redeem the 3,500 yuan ($480) referral bonus. Interestingly, the store will lock up their price, so they pay the current 232,000 yuan ($31,800) price even if the new model is more expensive.

Despite Tesla offering discounts on the existing model, the hype surrounding Project Highland made many postpone their purchase. Everyone wants the new model, which might affect Tesla's sales in the third quarter. That's why Tesla stores in China are trying to convince people to sign a contract even if they'll have to wait until the end of October to get their Model 3, Project Highland or not.

The tight security around Giga Shanghai has prevented most of the leaks so far, with employees prohibited from bringing their phones to the factory. Operating drones around Giga Shanghai has also been nearly impossible due to GPS jamming. Behind closed doors, Project Highland's production debuted on August 14, as we've earlier reported, and our sources still stand by this information.

The same sources claim that the initial production target is 7,000 units in September before reaching 10,000 units in October. This is far from the "production hell" Tesla faced in 2017-2019 when the Model 3 launched, but it still shows that ramping up production of a new model is not an easy task.

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