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Tesla Firmware 7.0 and Autopilot Function Show Up in Photo Taken During Beta Testing

So, are you tired of reading about the new Tesla 7.0 firmware and the autopilot function basically everywhere on the Internet, without having some, let's say, visual proof of the gizmos?
Tesla Model S Firmware 7.0 Autopilot 1 photo
Well, those days are over because we can now show you the first image from Tesla 7.0 Firmware.

The photo surfaced online courtesy of Teslarati, who say they were tipped by email about a photo on Facebook.

There's not really that much to comment on the picture, except from the fact that it looks like the Autopilot system is engaged and judging by the instructions in the navigation system, this particular beta-testing session takes place somewhere between San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

The long-awaited Firmware 7.0 and the Autopilot mode are finally on the street but don't get too excited yet. Tesla Motors began uploading the latest version of the much-awaited Autopilot feature on a small group of Tesla Model S models with the drivers acting as beta testing for the company.

Moreover, Elon Musk insisted the system does not replace the human input from the actual driving process, but it comes to help the driver during the journey from A to B:

"We don’t want to set the expectation that you can basically pay no attention to what the car is doing. You basically have high confidence in steering, braking and acceleration, basically when you are in some kind of traffic situation where there is a car right in front of you."

The Tesla CEO also promised the Autopilot will get better as Tesla Motors engineers refine the software. Also, the carmaker has already developed fixes for the total of six reported vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to break into the Model S, so owners should feel safe while using the Autopilot.

Tesla's recent exploration of the self-driving car territory has led some analysts to claim the company will spawn fleets of autonomous vehicles by 2018 - courtesy of a new division called Tesla Mobility - after the Model 3 is finally launched.


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