Teen Stops Car to Help Injured Officer, Realizes It's Her Father

Dash Cam footage taken recently in Florida shows a policeman getting his hand stranded as he tries to get the keys of a speeding vehicle he had stopped. As the woman drove off in a rush, the man was severely injured. Like this wasn’t enough, things get really emotional the moment a teenage girl pulls over to aid the poor man and realizes the injured victim is in fact her father.
Woman Stops Car to Help Injured Officer, Realizes Its Her Father 1 photo
Photo: Ineedhelp2811 on Youtube
Before anything else, let’s get one thing straight, if you’re going to get stopped for speeding at least try not to rush off the moment a police officer asks for your license and registration. Even if you’d get away with it for the moment, you’ll most likely end up in prison. And this is exactly where the driver later managed to put herself in.

The incident happened in Florida recently and the man in question is Sgt. Kerstan Tatro. The police officer approached the vehicle, after he pulled it over for doing 65mph in a 35mph, and saw the driver put the car into gear to drive off.

That's when he reached into the cabin to grab the keys. Once the car sped off, Tatro was thrown to the floor which left the man with a compound fracture in his right arm. Several motorists stopped to offer their help, but things got really emotional the moment the cop’s daughter stops her car to check the injured victim.

Sure, the teenage driver probably knew being a police officer comes with certain risks, but it’s a whole different thing when something bad really happens and it gets even worse when you’re there to witness it.

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