16-Year-Veteran Officer Beats and Swears Uber Driver, Then Steals His Car

He served the Boston police office quite well for the last 16 years, but when 40-year-old officer Michael Doherty lost his nerve he ruined it all. It was this Sunday early morning when a party night turned into a complete chaos, as the officer started assaulting the Uber driver he called upon and allegedly even stole his car.
Michael Doherty appeared in court Monday 1 photo
Photo: Boston Globe
Turns out you can really lose everything in a blink of an eye or should we say with the speed of a fist?

Leaving all the jokes behind, reports are the man was placed on paid administrative leave after his arrest as he really is charged of assault and battery as well as using a motor vehicle without authority. But what made him go crazy that way? Well, racism.

According to what the Uber driver told the officers, Doherty repeatedly used racial swears during the violent encounter. At some point the officer/Uber customer told the driver he got the street wrong and asked “What, you think I’m stupid, you [expletive]” followed by a racist term for Latinos. Then he started punching the poor fellow.

The victim then tried to call for help waving down motorists until a man stopped. That’s reportedly the moment when Doherty got behind the wheel, kicked the driver off the vehicle and drove away. However, with the help of the fellow who stopped to help, the Uber driver followed the mad officer, who exited the vehicle a couple of streets further.

What did the Boston police officer do? Well, after approaching the two fellows, one of which was black, he goes: “What do you want, you [expletive],” and then used the n-word. At that point, Doherty knocked the Uber driver down and kept hitting him, even though the other man tried to pull him off.

While the man is facing some prison time, Uber said in a statement that their thoughts were with the driver, as they’ve officially offered their law enforcement assistance to the victim. Needless to say, Doherty is banned from service from now on.
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