Suzuki Mighty Deck Concept Looks too Much Like a Mighty Duck for Its Own Sake

Suzuki is on a roll today. After the new Ignis and the Air Triser Concept (actual order might vary), they've come up with this little concept: the Mighty Deck.
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Photo: Suzuki
Suzuki Mighty Deck ConceptSuzuki Mighty Deck ConceptSuzuki Mighty Deck ConceptSuzuki Mighty Deck ConceptSuzuki Mighty Deck Concept
OK, we're perfectly aware the Mighty Duck joke was an easy one (and probably very much expected by the Suzuki bunch), but it's not that unfounded. Look at this thing: with its funny eyes and yellow paint job, it's not that hard to imagine it as a little ducky swimming on the pond.

The idea behind the concept is to have best of both urban and outdoor styling in one tiny car. With such small exterior dimensions such as 3,395 mm (133.66 inches) in length, 1,475 mm (58.07 inches) in width and 1,540 mm (60.62 inches) in height, the Suzuki Mighty Duck Deck has the urban part covered.

As far as the outdoor is concerned, the Mighty Deck is a convertible in disguise. It's got a canvas roof that turns the car into an open-top vehicle by folding at the rear, while the rugged looks and wooden skid plates have "adventure" written all over them. There's no info whether the Mighty Deck has four-wheel drive or not, but it's safer to assume it doesn't than to be disappointed once we get the official confirmation.

The only drawback family people will see is the fact it only has two seats. Well, they might object to the smallish boot space and the canvas roof that's prone to letting the draft in during cold seasons, but the best thing about concepts that will clearly stay this way forever is that they don't have to worry about audiences, targets, and stuff like that. It's a designer's dream come true.

The rear of the car is where the designers had their way with the regular conventions, making the Mighty Deck turn from the smallest pickup in the world to one of the smallest and also weirdest three-volume cars. The deck's floor can be power-lifted or lowered and thus the bed turned into a boot or the other way around. A small one, but then again I thought we made clear the fact everything is small about this car.

The interior, however, is a lot more refined than the exterior. You do get black pillars for that floating roof sensation together with silver and wooden accents on the outside, but you can't expect something so small to be perceived as up-market. Besides, that wooden trim looks like foil wrap - which it probably actually is.

The inside is eerily familiar, reminding us of BMW i3's cabin up to some point. It's got similar materials and even though it's more straightforward than in the little electric Bavarian, it still has that modern furniture look to it.

You're probably aware of the Japanese kei car craze, so these concepts shouldn't surprise anyone. At the same time, we'd have to be a bunch of hypocrites to say we're not strangely drawn towards this Mighty Deck thing. It's just a matter of whether we'd fit.
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