Super73 Rides the Barbie Wave with E-Bike Built for the Pink Lovers Among Us

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I'll be honest; if there's one thing that Super73 has proven for the e-bike industry, it's that with a solid marketing team, you can reach the stars, literally! Did you know that this e-bike manufacturer recently landed their machine in Barbie? Heck, they even have a model for the pink lovers among us.
Folks, Super73 is one of those e-bike teams that have been heavily in the news in recent years. Why? Well, aside from building a rather attractive machine, the level of customization they offer has ensured that their machines find forever homes as fast as possible. In the process, they've grown to be an international force to be reckoned with.

With that in mind, Super73 recently landed one of their electrified two-wheelers in the all-new Barbie movie. But that wasn't enough; Super73 took things a bit further and decided to create an EV that screams Barbie. Before you go on, please check out the image gallery.

Now, two bikes have been recently unveiled by Super73 as part of the Barbenheimer collection, this here Barbie ZX and the Oppenheimer version, a WWII-style machine that throws me back to the first days of motorcycles. We'll cover that machine in a later article; for now, it's all about that pink stuff!

Overall, the Barbie version is based upon an already-existing EV from Super73's lineup, the ZX, hence why I called it the Barbie ZX in the above paragraph. If you're unaware of the ZX, it's this manufacturer's "commuter" bike and is larger than the ZG. Best of all, it's crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum, so it should be light, and a removable battery ensures you don't need to haul your bike up flights of stairs.

Barbenheimer Collection
Photo: Super73
Part two of the story is about the electronic systems in place to help you fly around town at the top speeds allowed in your area. This includes a 250 w motor (EU version) and a battery that can crank out 80 km (50 mi) of range. Sure, this is a number derived in optimum test settings, so expect a 30% drop in range with wind, road conditions, and rider weight thrown in the mix, among others.

As for the Barbie-ric twist Super73 has placed on the ZX, it's, how do I say this, a whole lot of pink! Basically, it's for the ladies, but you know what they say about real men; only real men wear pink, and personally, I'd love rocking this around town. But I'm weird like that; I like the attention.

Let's start from the bottom and work our way to the top of the bike, starting with those clean whitewall tires. Even if the rest of the bike wasn't pink, these tires belong on this sort of EV. The classic Super73 rims and spoke job are also apparent. From here, it's the frame's turn.

This is where that luscious Barbie pink comes in and basically defines the entire machine, complementing the whitewall tires perfectly. More white is then thrown onto the frame in the form of that stitched leather seat and a handlebar. Be sure to take in the white chain and guard, and pedals. Even white wiring is part of the magic. Still, the grips had to be pink. But, the fork is all black, helping keep some visual balance to the whole thing.

As a result of all this pink happiness, lovers of this craze (movie) are sure to be all smiles. Heck, I can even predict that there may be some sort of subculture with these things. The only information that's missing is the eventual price for these buggers once they're released to the public.

Barbie Edition
Photo: Super73
But why would Super73 do something like this? Well, they've always been active in movie stars' lives. Justin Bieber owns one, Paris Hilton owns one, and so does ASAP Rocky, the latter even popping up in some of the music videos. As I said, they have one hell of a marketing team.

Furthermore, this isn't the end of Super73 movie magic. As I mentioned, another machine has been revealed, the Oppenheimer version, a WWII-like e-bike with functionality beyond belief. Don't worry; you'll get to see that version soon too.

As a final little exercise, I want you to imagine that you have a Barbie ZX in your possession. What are the effects? Well, taking into consideration that the Barbie movie is one of the hottest trends at this time, you're sure to turn every ride into an occasion. Go ahead, dress up in pink, hop on your pink electric steed, and ride off into a pink sunset. Along the way, you'll leave streaks of pink in your wake and possibly countless rubber necks.

Listen, pink isn't the sort of color that's for everyone, but if you're into the ongoing craze that the Barbie movie has sparked, you can extend a phone call or e-mail to Super73 and take everything to the next level. Just a little something-something to think about.
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