Subaru's Planned Rebirth Hangs on These Two Concepts It'll Show in Tokyo

In a way, Subaru is the Japanese version of Alfa Romeo. It's a brand all car aficionados love, and would hate to see disappear just as much as they'd hate to see it go soft.
Subaru Impreza Concept 1 photo
Photo: Subaru
Both of the last two things have kind of happened lately, with the company entering a cone of shade only a very, very good new Impreza model would be able to pull it out from.

If we're to believe what we're about to see in Tokyo in just a few weeks, that's exactly what's in store for us. Subaru is taking two new concepts there, and one of them is an aggressive looking five-door hatchback.

Yes, a hatchback, not a sedan, but put down your pitchforks and give Subaru a chance to explain themselves. First of all, it's important to remember this is just a concept, so there's no need to get either overly angry at it or overly excited about it.

Second, who says there won't be a sedan version as well? The US is the main foreign market for Subaru, and the Japanese know all too well how Americans feel about hatchbacks. I mean, they're OK and all, but they have one major design flaw: there's no real room to place that huge wing at the back.

The design we'll get to see towards the end of the month is said to preview the future generation that's supposed to replace this not so popular one sometime during next year. That is if we're lucky, otherwise we might have to wait until 2017.

The important thing to remember is that it looks very sporty with strong lines, pronounced shoulders and plenty of creases to keep our eyes busy for a few good minutes.

New global platform

Both models are based on a new global platform that will underpin all future Subaru models and should be at the core of the brand's revival. The information is scarce, but we should be talking about a modular platform just like the one used by the Volkswagen Group and pretty much every other important carmaker these days.

It would have to be modular, since the VIZIV (Vision Innovative) Future Concept is by no means a five-door hatchback, but a suicide-doors crossover SUV. It's a continuation of the previous VIZIV and VIZIV 2 concepts we've seen over the past two years, but this time it looks closer to a production version.

It also looks pretty close to a Volvo model, but we're willing to overlook that as the Subaru designers are in need of encouragement, and not kicks in the shins.

And, besides, the VIZIV Future Concept does look good, if a little unimpressive from the rear. If people had any doubts about Subaru's commitment towards hybrid powertrains, this concept should crush them aside. The VIZIV Future Concept uses a turbocharged petrol engine and an electric motor mounted on the rear axle for all-wheel drive, decent performance and reduced fuel consumption.

The production version of the VIZIV should come as a replacement for the not-so-well-selling Tribeca SUV, which we're sure nobody will mind. We'll get more information on the two concepts once the Tokyo Motor Show starts, and we'll be quick to relay it over to you. Until then, check out the image gallery below.
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