Stunt Riding Has Its Own Rules and Breaking Them Requires Payment in Blood

If someone ever thinks of surfacing a stunt riding manual, we hope it will be full of videos of things that should be done and things that should be avoided at all costs.
Nope, this is not a wheelie 1 photo
Photo: Facebook capture
In a way it's truly funny to see that the all-time masters of motorcycle stunt riding are wearing all sorts of protective gear and are ever so careful to minimize the chances of getting hurt, while occasional "street heroes" ignore this aspect.

Without generalizing, it's almost disturbing to see how many riders do the craziest things without taking basic precautions, other than wearing a helmet.

Preparing the bike reduces the damage to both rider and machine

Things are even weirder when it comes to fellows who are obviously still in the beginner stages of stunt riding. While common sense would rather advise gearing up even more than needed in certain occasions, the reality out on the road begs to differ.

These fellows are also willing to take a lot of risks involving serious damage to their bikes, as they don't seem to be too careful in protecting them or installing stunt-specifics hardware.

In the video below, a simple slide bar installed in the rear section of this motorcycle could have saved the day, at least in the first place. Instead of crashing and allowing the bike to flip backwards, the slide bar would have stopped the movement.

Of course, it could simply have caused the bike to rebound and get out of hand while landing, but again, this would at least spared the rider the road rash in the softest parts of his body. Some lessons are just meant to be learnt the hard way, at least for some people...

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