It Just Doesn't Get Any More Embarrassing Than This Poor Rider

Stunter wannabe fails utterly in a most embarrasing way. 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
If you enjoyed our ridiculous pic of the day on Sunday showing one of the most pathetic attempts at being a real knee-dragger, then you'll most likely like this short and equally ridiculous video, as well. Like almost always, there's a very thin line between cool and fool, and some guys will be great at showing how easily it is to go from one to the other.
We sort of understood that people will never stop taking unnecessary risks and will try some stunt riding almost anywhere, including public roads and busy traffic. It also goes without saying that stunt riding is illegal on public roads and motorcyclists being caught wheeling or performing various other tricks are susceptible to receive hefty fines. And still, this does nothing to deter certain fellows from showing the world how skilled they are.

The problem is that most of them are much less skilled than they believe they are

It's been more than once that we saw guys believing they are top-notch stunt riders only because they can pop a lame wheelie and land it safely several times. While this could indeed represent a basis for a future stunt rider career, most of these chaps are only interested in showing off on Youtube or Facebook.

You won't see real athletes, serious stunt riders showing off like this most likely because they're too busy training, and their routines are much more difficult and have to be practiced hundreds or thousands of times.

These riders also know that it takes a huge amount of failures until things start looking good, and prefer to leave their audiences mesmerized with a flawless performance instead of becoming the laughing stock of the internet with such pathetic videos like the one after the jump.

Now, it's even harder to decide which is more ridiculous, the fake knee-dragger, or this stunt rider wannabe. For now we'll add both to the upcoming From Cool to Fool collection. Oh, and he doesn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed, either: why would you laugh after making a fool of yourself and wrecking your bike in such a pathetic way?

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