Street Race Ends Badly, Rider Mows Down Pedestrians

Kid takes a hard fall during a street race 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
It's most likely futile to try and calculate the odds that a street race ends badly. Adding variables such as racing while wearing nothing but flip-flops and shorts surely doesn't make these odds any better. And still, we will find such people, taking risks they choose to ignore and learning that they made a very bad choice.
When it comes to poor countries or such races taking place in poor regions, asking for a rider to wear protective gear is somehow funny, even though in a grim way. Most of these guys can barely make a living, and the scooter or small displacement bike they ride is often one of their most expensive possessions.

It often serves as one of the means they use to earn some money, travel from place to place and have occasional fun. So one can't really blame them for what's happening out there on the streets.

Taking risks has a different meaning

Now, I am not trying to absolve them of all the responsibility. For such people who live on the edge, taking risks has a completely different meaning. Some of us are startled when seeing that we've been riding with a shiny chain for the last couple hundreds of miles, but a chain that needs SOME lubrication is hardly an issue for these guys.

However, despite how much danger these unfortunate fellows perceive, the risks remain the same. Asphalt is equally hard for a rich guy riding a beefed-up Harley or K1600GTL and a kid riding a beat-up scooter in a forgotten Asian village.

The body gets bruised and bones break in the same way when a rider in shorts comes off a GSX-R1000 and when a poor kid takes a hard fall from his old 125cc bike. The only difference is that those who can afford riding gear will come off better when the luck runs out.

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