Biker Crashing into a Truck Looks So Stupid It's Almost Funny

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Photo: Youtube capture
I said it before and I will keep saying it until the very last article I will write: just like learning how to speak German isn't a thing any guy can do, riding a motorcycle is not a thing suitable for every guy.
Being a motorcyclist is, despite what many squids think, about many other things than being able to twist the throttle and go fast. I've seen nasty crashes with both 125cc motorcycles and liter-class superbikes, and the only thing that seems to differ is the speed where the crash occurs, but this is not a rule of thumb.

What unites these crashes is the lack of experience, mindlessness, recklessness and the ignorance of the respective riders. An old man once said that motorcycles are being ridden with the mind, and not with the hands and feet, and my, was he right!

Is there a competition for the lousiest riders?

If there was a contest, some sort of a competition to find the lousiest riders, this chap would doubtlessly make it into the finals. You don;t even have to be a sport rider to see that the chap will not make it onto the highway. Body position, approach, his failure to revise his line, everything predicts that something bad is about to happen.

We might even add the possibility that his trajectory was also affected by target fixation, which is one of the most feared enemies of riders of all skills and types.

Still, this crash was as unnecessary, if you catch my drift, as it gets, and completely avoidable, altogether. Lower speed, better motorcycle training and a more cautious approach to entering a highway with busy traffic could have spared this rider the road rash and all the hassle.

As for the t-shirt thing, this is obviously a matter of choice, and in no way related to the dynamics of the crash. He's have fared better with a motorcycle jacket, it's obvious, but that garment would have not aided him in the first place.

All in all, you're looking at a very lucky man. Suffice to say that he could have ended under the truck's wheels or being run over by traffic approaching from behind, right?

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