Don't Ride with Morons Lest They Cause You to Crash Hard, Too

Some of the young riders seem to be unnerved when older, seasoned fellow motorcyclists tell them about the rules they must obey when riding in a group. Especially freshly-licensed riders who only have a driving permit for two-wheelers are exposed to a danger they don't fully understand yet.
Riders crashing after ignoring the basic rules of group riding 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
Those of us who have gotten to riding after earning some experience behind the wheel see traffic with different eyes. We know how to spot more or less obvious dangers, we know how to avoid turning latent risks in actual tight situations.

We don't take unnecessary risks without at least having an idea on how to mend things when they tend to get out of hand. So that's why young riders who are barely scraping the surface in terms of what dangers may befall them are exceptionally vulnerable to situations skilled riders can recognize and avoid.

Rules MUST be obeyed when riding in a group

Playing by the rules when riding in a group is not making concessions, as some believe. Obeying the rules of group riding is the sanest thing to do and the best way to avoid unnecessarily risky scenarios. Knowing how to ride in a group is the basic safety precaution each rider MUST take when joining the gang.

The video below shows how easily riders who are doing nothing wrong can be involved in crashes caused by reckless fellow riders. The Ninja rider was not speeding, kept his distance and cannot be accused of doing anything wrong, other than riding with several morons. After this crash we can almost bet he will be more picky as to who rides with him.

If we were to sum the elements that have led tho this three-way crash, we'd enumerate the following:

- failing to maintain the formation and ride in a staggered order,
- failure to spot one of the riders slowing down,
- failure to provide the others behind with a hint on what a rider has in mind,
- failure to recognize in due time a dangerous situation that might lead to a crash.

The last item on the list is related to the Ninja rider, who could have avoided crashing if he spotted the escalating dangerous scenario and slowed, then swerved into the other lane.

There are lessons to be learned from this video, and we must not put an end to this piece without stressing how important wearing the right gear is when out for a ride. And here's a most informative reading on How to Ride in a Group and Why.

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