Rider Stops Inches from Being Obliterated by a Speeding Truck

Rider performing a perfect emergency brake 1 photo
Photo: Youtube capture
The scenes that are about to unfold in the video after the jump take place in Legnica, a city in South-Western Poland, dozens of miles from the Czech border. The rider definitely deserves a cold beer when he gets home for the awesome display of braking skills that saved him during his exam.
That's right, the footage comes from the very licensing exam he in fact passed that day. It's hard to tell whether the camera car belongs to the police or the coach, but it looks like the video evidence made it to the cops, anyway.

One can observe the learner's blue L letter on the rear fender of the bike, and the adequate speed of the two-wheeler as the rider approaches an intersection. As the bike slows down a bit, you can see the road sign in the right part of the screen, indicating that the motorcycle was traveling on a priority road.

Countless accidents happen in similar conditions. Priority signs are not a warranty that ALL motorists will give way.

We've seen countless crashes in similar conditions, with riders overly confident in other motorists and being nearly missed, clipped or even worse, hit full-on by cars ignoring their right of way.

Well, this time it just wasn't meant to add to the grim statistics, as the rider displays a very well trained mind and exemplary discipline. He is able to spot the approaching speeding truck and understands that it won't stop.

He then firmly applies the brakes but in a calculated manner that doesn't seem to affect balance. He extends his left leg to support the bike as it comes to a halt only inches from the truck that passes in front of him.

No panic, no deathgripping and losing the front wheel, do uncontrolled sideways action from the excessively used rear brake, only a sharp, efficient emergency brake.

Slawomir Masojc of the local police says that the truck driver will be facing dire consequences in the form of a fine that can reach as high as 5,000 Polish zloty (€1,200 or $1,320) and up to one year license suspension.

The rider passed the exam with flying colors and no penalty point, reports.

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